Up and running for the winter!

David demonstrating our “No Monkey Business” motto.
Steph crossing a branch of the Methow River on the way to a new camera location for this winter.


Sorting gear for installing a new camera trap.
Steph climbing a tree to attach a cable to it. All of our attractants are suspended via cables between two trees well off the ground so animals drawn to the camera trap can’t reach it.
Adding a scent lure to a piece of a deer suspended from a cable. After the scent lure is added the bait is hoisted further up and out of reach.
Engaging backcountry recreationalists is a goal of the project. Here Steph poses with a deer head (bait) for her friend, Michael Schaefer, who stopped in to say hello during one of our field days.
Steph and Katharine Bill, who volunteered to help us for a day, getting ready to head out for the day. 


Thanks also to Seth Keena-Levin for volunteering for a day to help us get our cameras installed.

We do our first camera checks in three weeks. Stay tuned to see what we discover!