Cascades Wolverine Project is a grassroots effort to boost winter wolverine monitoring in the North Cascades, capture engaging images of this elusive mountain carnivore, and leverage the skills of winter backcountry recreationists as wildlife observers and alpine stewards.

Background: Biologists seek to answer basic questions about wolverine ecology in the Cascades, such as distribution, abundance, and habitat relations. But the intrepid Gulo gulo is notoriously difficult to study due to remote and rugged habitat.  Our team brings the field science background, technical mountain skills, and professional photography needed to collect relevant data and engage those who share the Pacific Northwest mountains with enigmatic wildlife.  In collaboration with professional wildlife tracker and photographer David Moskowitz , WDFW and USFS wolverine biologists, Conservation Northwest, and initial funding from Patagonia, we’re off to a great start!

Our work: Based in the Methow Valley of Washington, our team installs and maintains remote winter camera-trapping stations in the North Cascades that contribute to ongoing monitoring and conservation.  We produce outreach methods to provide backcountry skiers and snowmobilers field observation tools and wildlife awareness, to help ensure the wolverine persists in the Pacific Northwest.

We need your support!  Donations to Cascades Wolverine Project are the only way we can continue this effort.  Please consider donating to keep eyes on the Gulo gulo, spirit animal of the alpine.