How You Can Help

Document Wolverine Tracks

Backcountry skiers and other winter mountain travelers  access wolverine habitat in the North Cascades. We are working on a set of concise resources to help individuals identify and photo document potential wolverine tracks and a streamlined system for reporting to crowd source information on these elusive animals. Follow us here on our blog or our Instagram feed for updates on our progress on this!

Join a Camera Trapping Team

Interested in getting involved with remote camera monitoring of wolverines in the North Cascades? We are partnered with Conservation Northwest which has been spearheading wolverine conservation efforts in the North Cascades for decades now. Join their wildlife monitoring team and capture images of these creatures yourself!


Wolverine from Shuksan Arm, Mt. Baker
Wolverine tracks near Mount Baker. Photo by mountain guide Forest McBrian, 2012.
North Cascades wolverine. Image captured by Conservation Northwest’s citizen science project in 2016.